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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Make poverty history or forgetting the essential

Live 8 concerts is the most impressive anti-poverty campaign ever because of its global coverage. Under the influence of famous names such as Madonna, Coldplay ,etc and with the help of mass-media, the organizers hope to convince the G8 leaders to financially help the African countries.
Under the shine and glitter of big names moving all over Europe and the “groovy atmosphere” promoted by Bob Geldof and Bono, the stopping of African poverty looks like an already accomplished task.
The political-philanthropically relationship is at its best. Dare to oppose these streams and you will be accused of being ungrateful.
However, the most important actors in this money cycle seem to be forgotten: the African leaders & the charity org. operating directly in Africa.
Is the poverty in Africa a new global aspect? Can there be an END, as promoted by Geldof & co.?
The answer to these questions is evidently NO. The poverty in Africa is not even closer to an end and for sure the money is not a way of solving it. As critics argue, the event stresses too much the importance of money raising without clearly defining the future governance in these poor regions.
If it is something “truly monumental” (effective) or just some good music Mr. Geldof remains to be seen!

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