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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Financial Perspective 2007-2013:political priorities or national interest?

by K. Moffatt and WdB

ANALYSIS- Currently, the European Union is engaged in a sharp debate over its long-term priorities and the implications for its finances and budgets. The debate on the EU’s “financial perspective 2007-2013” has several dimensions. First it is a debate between the net contributors to the EU budget and the net receivers. Secondly, it opposes those who want EU to concentrate on economic reforms and competitiveness (Lisbon Agenda) against the defenders of the old system (CAP, structural reforms). And last but not least, the debate on the EU’s future revenues and expenditure is a fight between the old Member States and the new Member States for EU funds.
This article will try to demonstrate the fact that the new Financial Perspective has less to do with political priorities than with national interests. First I will briefly describe the proposed Financial Perspective from a “timeline” view which will be followed by the priorities of the FP and what is EU trying to realize through the negotiation box. An overview of the EU Member States and how they look at the Financial Perspective will define the national interest and based on that it will describe the work of the EU Presidencies.

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US - China - EU lifting arms embargo:Reshaping powers?

ANALYSIS- China’s important partners US, and EU, must deal now with an “awakening dragon” whose economic uprising will succeed to minimize the “unilateral power politics”. Therefore, the trilateral relationship is important because of its changing and unpredictable nature.

This is interesting because if someone evaluates the Chinese historical heritage he will conclude that the incredible and successful effort made by the Communist government to play such an important role in global politics was huge. Besides that, the domestic problems which are sensitive issues such as weak environmental development, the high gap between the rural and urban population etc, did not undermine China’s ability to impose its demands and to shake the US hegemonic place. In a state where Communism becomes less of an alternative and democracy’s roots are continuously emerging, the possibilities of a new Big Power are more realistic than ever.

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