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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

NEWS- EU Budget- 2006

The EU budget for 2006, adopted today by the Commission concentrated on for areas: growth justice, jobs and external affairs. The enlargement sector will have a 20% increase in expenditures.
Despite this accomplishment ,the General Affairs of the EU Council (Monday 25th) dealing with the Financial Perspective 2007-2013 did not reach a consensus.
The overall ceiling of 1.14% (GNI) of the EU still remained unsolved and opposed by the MS which are net contributors.
(For more info on the Financial Perspective 2007-2013 read my analysis from April 26)

EU Observer

EVENT- Brussels Open Day-Festival of Europe

On 30 April, the Interinstitutional Open Day is hosting the Festival of Europe 2005. The topic of this activity is based on the future European Constitution. The Festival will also highlight the activities and the work of diffrent humanitarian organizations.

Important guests, EU officials and different multicultural activities will be part of the programme which will take place in the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions, the Commission (the new Berlaymont building!!!) and the Council of the EU.

More information about children’s activities, transportation, opening times but also the programme can be viewed below.

Get ready to be controlled by the EU police, to queue up and to enjoy a 25°C Saturday in the European quarter!

Committee of the Regions ( CoR)
Festival of Europe –Programme

Globalization through Chinese textiles

NEWS- Peter Mandelson, the Commissioner for Trade has demanded voluntary action from China about its textile imports on the European market which may be considered a threat for the European producers. His affirmations were submitted after a joint press conference supported by both France’s president Mr Chirac and the German chancellor, Gerhard Schröder.
The two officials also highlighted the importance of the ratification of the European Constitution.

Financial Times