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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Romania’s energy policy: challenges and opportunities

Finding more efficient ways to deal with the energy market is one of Romania’s highest priorities. The Governmental Ordinance 1535/18 of December 2003 which proposes a “Strategy for the use of renewable energy” is one step of the government’s strategy. However, the entire process is difficult because of the complexity of the actors involved. Furthermore, the use of natural resources needs efficient laws. Since 1995, the waves of privatizations in the energy sector and the financial help from international organizations have brought significant improvements at the national level. These actions must be continued and based on measures that are economically viable and environmentally accepted. If there is no positive long-term progress Romania’s membership in the EU’s structures can be costly later. This paper has a closer look at the pollution level in Romania, the privatization process and the use of renewable energy.

Next sections:
  • Dealing with pollution
  • The privatization: crossing the line into environmental issues
  • The potential for renewable energy
  • Conclusion

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